Graffiti Royale – “Raised”


graffiti royale

“Raised’ is Graffiti Royale’s recently released second single, showcasing a smorgasbord of styles – ranging from both East and West Coast hip-hop to ’80s funk/soul and indie-rock. With a faultlessly precision-ed delivery, melodically reflective guitars, and deliciously twangy “dreamin’ of you” hook (vocals here courtesy of Kay Renee), “Raised” is the type of track that propels an unknown into highly elevated status. Catchy and fresh, using a conventional structure to keep things memorable but showing stylistic diversity to keep listeners on their feet, “Raised” is a standout effort from Graffiti Royale.

More on the group:

With members from Cali, Philly, and NY – Graffiti Royale is a unique blend of background and talent. Playing shows and gaining fast recognition in the NYC scene, the trio has attracted the attention of industry leaders such as Sony/Red Distribution, who will be releasing their debut EP later this year.

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