Roger Singh Kahlon – “Forever”

roger singh kahlon

We featured Roger Singh Kahlon’s infectiously atmospheric track “Believe” earlier this year, showcasing a light electro-pop and suave alt-rock arsenal, with a jubilant chorus that rides nicely on multiple vocal layers and twinkling keys. The ensuing “Christmas time, snow falling” verse was particularly scene-setting in an effective way, the effervescent and trickling keys conjuring a winter-like soundscape, which worked well with the yearning suaveness of the vocals.

Also from his recommended Future/Love EP, “Forever” is a track steeped in genuine emotion, developing with smooth vocals, gentle keys, and sporadic percussion in a way that reminds of James Blake. The serene verses moves into a quicker, faster-paced vocal hook, with a swaying synth pad leading the way. A bit of falsetto during the core hook, contrasted by the calming synths, results in a strikingly memorable sound. It’s an ideal track for slowly coming back into the week on a Monday. Stream it on Spotify here.

On the track, Roger has the following to say:

I lived the majority of my life the Bay Area/California. I grew up involved in every facet of music – DJ’ing, dance-crews, rapping, beat-producing, but I didn’t start singing until I got to NYC, where I’m currently based.
I had been in a few incarnations of a music group back home, but the scene wasn’t bustling enough for me. So I moved to NYC, where one of my best friends from the Bay was living in order to start over artistically. I didn’t know anyone really. Didn’t have anything lined-up. I just knew that I had to be somewhere new, and NYC was the place that was calling me.
That same dear friend here was in film school, so I started getting exposed to the film school conversations. From there my exposure to life began taking several forms. I stumbled upon and made connections with people who were in tech, food, fashion, and of course music. Sometimes that meant I was involved in brainstorming and other times I was guinea pic for some miscellaneous creation, but NYC was doing what it was supposed to do: enrich my life, expose me to new experiences, and slowly make me a better artist. My biggest problem was I knew what I wanted to make – musically – but was still figuring out the how.
I was also deeply in love and committed to my hometown sweetheart, who made the voyage to NYC with me. Things between us got better and better until everything fell off a cliff. I lost ample time floating around and feeling unhinged as our relationship was breaking. Despite doing everything I could think of to save us, nothing improved.
Creating the ‘future/love’ EP and “Forever” specifically was my inner dialogue about aspiring for love – the concept, even – when love the reality left my life in shreds. Even when we know what type of love we want to practice, oftentimes we’re not sure how to get there. So this song is my attempt to navigate my future love and make the next chapter just as life changing as the last one.

Stream the rest of the Future/Love EP below:

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