Warm Speakers – “Too Cool Summer!”

warm speakers

With tranquil yearning vocals and a gentle percussion-key arsenal leading things in, “Too Cool Summer!” immediately shows off a hazy psych-tinged feel, illuminated even more by the effervescent key twinkles emerging around the one-minute mark. The vocals repeat the track’s name, serving as a melodic element as the various instruments take charge, ranging from the illustrious trippy beginnings to the minimalist ’80s-inspired synth bridge at the mid-way point, which eventually guides to this track’s conclusion. It’s a brief yet fully effective effort from Warm Speakers, the pop project of Patrick Berlinquette, who was previously featured about a half-decade ago with his debut 5-song EP Mezcal Noon. That release showed a broad eclectic grasp within an accessible pop songwriting mode, ranging from chillwave infatuation to haunting folk, and it’s assumed his new album Masamune will show many of the same broad-reaching strengths, if “Too Cool Summer!” is any indication. The album will be released this summer.

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