3Bubble & J. Gray – “Back to Work” (feat. Lil Goddi)



Houston-based hip-hop/pop duo 3Bubble (Cleon Solomon III) and J.Gray (Justin Andrew Gray) were previously featured with the infectious “No Lie”, which showed the duo’s production and melodic chops with a lush backing strings, a playfully romantic bass line, and choir-like vocal sample effects. Now they have a new full-length out, entitled Pentagon Memoirs and available to stream in full below. Released just a few months after their previous album Live From The Pentagon, the release is described as “a project of unity, bringing together Houston’s most talented artists to show that H-Town supports its own.”

Opener “Bulletproof” works off playful vocal alterations and pitch shifts, with spastic synths helping guide an airy and infectious success. Another highlight, “Back to Work”, features Lil Goddi in a furious and more to-the-basics vein of hip-hop, though one that shows faultless flow and delightful intensity. All thirteen tracks on the release have their own feel, thanks to a variety of local collaborators and beat preferences (from lush to furious), making it a very entertaining listen for any fans of eclectic hip-hop.

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