DeUce Double – ‘Bammas Pretend’

An album that explores “true Washington, DC metropolitan culture,” Bammas Pretend is an eclectic hip-hop success from DeUce Double. From the haunting hip-hop allure of “Double Digits” to the infectious pop touches within “Feedback (El Pollo RICO Charge),” the release enthralls with strong production and lyrical insight.

“Double Digits” kicks off Bammas Pretend with an eerie mystique. “I doubled them digits,” the confident vocal flow enamors, with a plucked bass-y resonance and hazy textural mystique complementing the steady vocal work. A more pop-forward bounce stirs on the subsequent “Feedback (El Pollo RICO Charge),” where the title-touting refrain traverses into a laid-back “could never be like,” vocal sequence. The album shows well from the get-go, with a one-two punch displaying dark hip-hop and soulful pop lightness, respectively

The album’s title track invigorates with spacey synth creepiness and a dynamic vocal presence, beginning with a “helping hand,” melodic reflection before venturing into a gripping hip-hop arsenal. Aspirations to put “the whole DMV on the fucking map,” is chilling alongside a lush, wordless choir-feeling backing effect. The glistening, caressing keys on “Got That Fire” follows with warming hookiness, feeling like a satiating comedown after the intense “Bammas Pretend.”

The album’s second half enamors with a twist on “Double Digits” and “Bammas Pretend,” also showing well with the horror-moving piano feeling throughout “BOSS Talk (Hot Ice)” and the atmospheric finale “Time Is Money,” touting an ’80s nostalgia with its trickling keys and murmuring guitar tones. Bammas Pretend is a compelling hip-hop success from DeUce Double.

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