Cael Dadian – “Fix Me”


cael dadian

19-year-old Cael Dadian shows an eclectic music ability beyond his years, tackling pop, gospel and hip-hop on new track “Fix Me”. His stylistic variety was already apparent on previously featured tracks “Saved” + “Pay It Back”, though on “Fix Me” there’s even more expansive shape-shifting on the stylistic front. Pursuing a sound balanced in gospel samples and its well-adjusted melodic flow, similar to “Saved”, Dadian alternates between a smooth soulful delivery and contemplative hip-hop. Growing up and finding one’s proper direction are the core themes, with Dadian delivering these difficulties over a contagious hybrid of gospel and hip-hop, with a modern pop flair. It’s another consuming effort from the talented Cael Dadian.

Mike Mineo

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