Posted September 14, 2016 by Mike Mineo in Tracks

Mark Bacino – “Not That Guy”


Mark Bacino produces an immediately likable vein of power-pop, which on “Not That Guy” reminds me lovingly of the bouncy keyboard/guitar-led sounds of Jellyfish, particularly on their underrated classic Spilt Milk. The NYC-based singer/songwriter/producer shows his supreme pop songwriting chops here, the constant piano chugging intertwining well with the crystal-clear vocals and sporadic guitar twangs/strums in building to the hook-y chorus, where Bacino admits he “could try and try, but I’m just not that guy.” It’s simple in topic and accessible in stylistic approach, just like most quality power-pop, and Bacino certainly proves himself as extremely capable in churning out insanely catchy tunes within that niche.


Mike Mineo

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