David Rosen – “Butterfly”

Ghostly and ominous beginnings cast a cinematic quality on David Rosen’s “Butterfly”, especially combined with the running-motion in the video. Some guitar strums around 00:40 add an elegant quality that’s reinforced even more by the spacey synth arps that emerge at 01:16, which are excellently incorporated and give off some atmospheric Stranger Things vibes. The arp combines well with the ominous synth pad backings, with climactic percussion of sorts signaling in just prior to the two-minute mark. This has a very nicely atmospheric quality and would work nicely in cinema, especially in films by the likes of Darren Aronofsky or Nicolas Winding Refn.

The track is off Rosen’s third album, Head Like Fire, with the music video headed by visual effects artist Tobias Steiner. The album will be released this December.

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