Floating Pyramids – “Out of This World”



“Out of This World” is an utterly irresistible just-released track from Floating Pyramids, the project of Sydney-based Chris Hamer-Smith. He is also known under the alias Dr Don Don, under which he released the hit “King of the Stars“. Hamer-Smith’s newest project, Floating Pyramids, takes advantage of his eclectic production abilities while also incorporating live instruments, producing “a melting pot of sounds, moving effortlessly from soulful, off kilter soundscapes to heavy club oriented jams.”

For this new release, there’s a fond resemblance to the production of fellow Australian natives The Avalanches, specifically Wildflower‘s foray into psychedelic hip-hop. “Out of This World” navigates melodically through strings, brass, woodwinds and chopped vocal accompaniments, finding its own beautiful form of psychedelic pop. The first single taken from Floating Pyramids’ upcoming mixtape Skyscrapers, it’s a highly impressive one that has me anticipating the rest.

Mike Mineo

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