SIDIZEN KING X The Strike – “Eye for an Eye”



From Sidizen King and The Strike, “Eye for an Eye” is an undeniably hook-y pop effort that shines with top-quality production and pop songwriting. Effervescent synth stabs and a fluid hip-hop delivery are adorned by a funk-laden electronic presence initially, leading nicely into dance-savvy vocals around the one-minute mark that tout some Michael Jackson appeal. That aforementioned comparison is present again in the electric chorus around 01:20, when the flickering synth arpeggios dance around infectiously; it’s a very nice hook. The lyrics – centering on a toxic relationship and the feelings of revenge subsequent to it – are relatable, and I’m digging the contrast between that and the more upbeat, infectious dance-laden sound. The verses are great, though the chorus certainly steals the show.

Download the track for free here and stream on Spotify here.

Mike Mineo

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