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Skinny Blonde – “Hi Annie”


New York-based Skinny Blonde are a very infectious group with power-pop appeal, whose latest single “Hi Annie” shows this well. Lead vocalist Michael Turzilli possesses a husky and lyrically active vocal presence, highly comparable to Benji Hughes and Aqueduct’s David Terry in tone and delivery. It’s a perfect fit for Skinny Blonde’s tight power-pop arsenal, fit with hook-y guitar solo flourishes (01:14) and climatic percussive build-ups (01:55). “Lyrically, the song is about me wanting a girl so bad, that I’m willing to jeopardize my own well-being for her,” Turzilli says. “The particular circumstance was that I had just recently gotten sober, and the girl I was into was a big ‘night club’ go-er.”

“In terms of the music, I had brought a demo to the band and Jim Murtagh (drummer) and Troy Krusz (bassist) noticed this little break before the verse started, so they would delay their entry like by like a second and that’s what gave the song it’s bouncy feel for sure,” he continues. “I don’t think Sam Farnum, our other guitarist, was part of the band yet, but if you come see us live, you’ll see him tear up the interludes.”

This song, off their Precious Cargo EP, is consuming throughout. Stream it in full below:

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