Posted November 29, 2016 by Mike Mineo in Video

Galapaghost – “Salt Lake City”

Galapaghost impressed a few months back with his new album I Never Arrived, showcasing his psychedelic folk music roots. The project, based in Austin, Texas, showed an impressive sound with the track “I Never Arrived”, where dreamy acoustics and a twinkling sporadic key works with breath-y vocals for something serene and melodically hypnotic.

Another album cut “Salt Lake City” shows a sparser yet just as melodically ardent sound, with the nighttime setting of its new music video providing an apt atmosphere. An uptick in guitar complexity around 01:30 coincides with a touch of melancholy in the vocals, the emotion remaining constant into the haunting high-pitched vocal emergence throughout the final minute. It’s an effective music video and track that shows this project’s emotional grasp quite well.

Stream the full album below:

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