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I stumbled across this eclectic compilation of acts currently on Washington, DC-based independent label OMUMO, formed last year by multi-instrumentalist and producer Brad Atefi. Hip-hop, electronica, folk, and rock are all fair game here — and they’re all done well, making it a label to look out for. The aquatic serenity of opening track “Maze”, from Vin Mariani, plays off a bouncy bass and distant squiggly synth over a male-female vocal duet; it’s hook-y and lush. Also recommended is the exotic sounds of “The Beginning of a New Era”, from Oxindol. Here, tribal percussion and soft synths paint a tropical-like soundscape that moves calmly. “Memories Ago”, from Ocean Black, also finds success with a murky vein of R&B with a build-in and build-out heavy in atmosphere. These three efforts show the label’s diversity and consistency well. Stream the rest below:

Mike Mineo

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