Candy Cigarettes – “MY 45”

“MY 45” is the debut single from multi-instrumentalist Lane Mueller, aka Candy Cigarettes. He dropped his debut full-length this past May, which is one of the more impressive introductions this year. The Portland-based act shows both a grasp for captivating atmosphere (the sweeping spaciousness of “Tidal Wave In My Arms”, the nonchalant Real Estate-like cool of “BackSeat”) and immediate hooks, evident here with “MY 45”. Melodic, twinkling keys combine quaintly with twangy guitars and a youthful delivery, the twangy hook that follows being highly reminiscent of Smith Westerns. For the guitar-key interplay, Coconut Records also comes to mind. This is one of the more approachable, straightforward pop efforts on the album, though with the guitar twangs and overall melody achives fully despite a simplistic charm. It fits perfectly as the third track on the album, between several atmospheric displays that help affirm Mueller as a very skilled songwriter worth paying attention to.

Stream the eponymous debut in full below, along with the new video for “MY 45”:

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