Raindeer – “Look Around”

Raindeer’s full-length, HWYL, was one of my favorite finds of 2016. Possessing a striking sound that resembled a bunch of goodness – including the swirling psych-friendly tendencies of Animal Collective, the dream-pop haze of Beach House, and combustible creativity of Deerhoof – the album touted stunners like “My Favorite Dream” and “Postcard”, both efforts that require immediate listening. Another perk: the Baltimore-based group works quick — their new album Neon Death is already out and available for streaming below. One of the many highlights is the closer “Look Around”, an utterly gorgeous accomplishment. A serene, optimistic psychedelic haze envelopes the opening sequence, with the entry of percussion and guitars at mid-point help lead toward the conclusion at this tidy two-minute gem. It’s a short track, but one that shows this band’s ample talent well. It’ll very likely want to make you dig into the rest of the album, along with the equally impressive HWYL from last year.

Mike Mineo

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