no:carrier – “When the Rain Falls”

I noted last year how Chris Wirsig’s tunes soundscapes resemble those of horror films, where a looming foreboding presents itself around every dark turn within a dark ambient genre that the classically trained musician has continued to hone over the past 16 years. Wirsig, the songwriter behind no:carrier, shows similar foreboding on “When the Rain Falls” (as the gloomy title may suggest), though Scilla’s add a crystallized edge that provides a bit of effervescence. Visions of a rainy city at night provide apt visuals throughout the track’s music videos, as crawling vocals are surrounded by swelling synth buzzes, industrial percussion, and moments of sparse elegance (like the subdued bridge at 01:10). It’s a hypnotic effort fit for a rainy day, and fully demonstrative of no:carrier’s continued atmospheric charm. While not exactly the music for a rainy day, it’s still an apt listen in the midst of winter — or a rainy springtime.

Mike Mineo

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