Post Death Soundtrack – “Transform in White Light”

We wrote a bit on Post Death Soundtrack’s most recent album, Unlearning Curve, last year — with the track “You Can’t Go Back” riding on creepy organ-synths, dramatic vocal murmurs, and cinematic production effects (like the halted percussion around 02:10) to create a soundscape nocturnal in nature, much like the work of Depeche Mode. Another track worth mentioning from that album is “Transform in White Light”, which transitions from verses with spacious synth pads into a very DM-like chorus with buzzing synth stabs and emotive vocals. An interesting transition just past the two-minute mark shows some gripping synth-based development, descending into murky and grimy depths that are complemented well by the swirling colors present in the art-minded new music video for the track, culminating in a nice hook around 03:20 when the primary percussion re-emerges. It’s another fine track from a fine release.

Mike Mineo

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