Thorin Loeks – “Thirsty Hearts”

Thorin Loeks delivers a gentle vein of folk that embraces the Whitehorse, Yukon native’s penchant for exploration. His new release Thirsty Hearts was inspired by “years of traveling, trials, and tribulations, friendships, struggles, growing pains, stories, and insights.” Thorin spent time in the past with many outdoor-related jobs and pursuits, ranging from gold prospecting in northern Yukon to backpacking for five months in South America. His new album poignantly begins with the line “how far to reach for our dreams”, speaking to the hunger in everyone’s heart to truly understand the human experience.┬áThe opening, self-titled track represents this well, and showcases Thorin’s sound and approach accurately, being a mid-tempo and lyrically invigorated presentation with enough vocal variation and melodic appeal to keep things consuming. The harmonica at the end alongside the claps provide ample conclusive energy, as well. Stream the release in full below:

Mike Mineo

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  1. Hi, my husband I are old friends of your Mom from when she was in New York in 1970’s. I have thought of her many times, and have been t rying to keep up with her life over the years. Six years ago we moved to the New Jersey shore and love it. We are very involved with the Sierra Club and all of it issues. We have been through a lot over the years, but have wonderful memories of those times at Calvary Baptist. Nearly everyone we knew are spread out through the country and most seem to doing well. So here it goes Raymond and Kathleen Kozakiewicz 30 B Maine Avenue Whiting, NJ
    08759 Telephone No 732 408 5638 e-mail [email protected]. By the way, your voice is great. I am going to listen to rest of the recording. Hope to hear from you sooRn Raymond and Kathleen

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