Vivian Fantasy – “Pink Witch”

Vivian Fantasy is the most recent project from Danny Bozella, who impressed a few years back with the project Chemists. With that, his tranquil vocals swayed over a psychedelic assortment of twinkling chimes, warm synth-pads, and obscured instrumental samples — reminding me of Caribou’s sound on his outstanding 2007 album Andorra. Vivian Fantasy is just as gripping and hypnotic, with some growth on the stylistic end. The structure here traverses from chugging psych-rock beginnings to more spaced-out bliss, around 01:50 — where various guitar twangs combine with an effervescent key buoyancy, leading to a point of tranquility around 03:30 that helps usher in a concluding return to the twangy, psych-rock beginnings. It’s a trippy and atmospheric effort, one that should make psych-rock fans excited to hear the rest of his new album, Serial Experiments 1: Pink Witch, below:

Mike Mineo

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