Posted February 6, 2017 by Mike Mineo in Hip-Hop

Yfee – “Dead Tech”

Warbled synths and phone-convo-esque vocal sample lends an intriguing introduction to “Dead Tech”. Vocal production, specifically the echo at 00:41, adds a great psychedelic element that plays aptly alongside the hypnotic synth instrumentation, complemented nicely by multiple vocal layers. The “find me” vocal pitch manipulation at 01:51 another very cool moment; I’m loving the trippy vocal production throughout this. Slight synth arpeggio just past the two-minute mark also plays well. Wisely, the track takes a structural turn just prior to the three-minute mark, with added swagger to the vocal delivery — as it assumes a more seductive hip-hop feel. It adds an extra oomph of variation that tops off a unique and engaging track.

Look out for Yfee’s first EP this spring. This looks to be a fast-rising project, for sure.

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