Agency – “Join In”

Previously showcased with the tracks “Evaporate” and “Coward“, Maine-based project AGENCY has a new track out called “Join in”, off his new album Identity. The project remains an enigma for the most part, based out of Maine though not much being known apart from the fact that he delivers stylishly smooth vocals, here on “Join In” showing a mellow R&B vibe centered around an engaging “why can’t we all join in?” hook that – while not departing significantly from the preceding verses – does well in distinction with the uptick in vocal melancholy. A bouncy bridge around the two-minute mark, where the vocals lament “been knocked around”, packs in just the right amount of variation — keeping things smooth and hypnotic, but with a bit of innovative flair as well. This is another impressive effort from the mysterious project.

Mike Mineo

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