Andrew Goldring – “Cosmic Dance”

Utah-based singer/songwriter Andrew Goldring crafts a beautifully lush soundscape on new single “Cosmic Dance”, where distant vocals and twangy vocals comprise an enticing series of verses, leading into a full-bodied chorus where Goldring’s vocal suaveness reminds of Cass McCombs. Goldring, who previously fronted the bands Golden Sun and Great Interstate, seems to be in the vein of singer/songwriters like McCombs and Ryan Adams, no stranger to moody verses and gripping, emotional hooks within a soundscape that’s no stranger to nonchalance and heartbreak. The hook here soars nicely, speaking to circumstance and natural evolution. It’s an apt descriptor for an effort that sounds cohesive and very unforced. With a psychedelic and singer/songwriter allure, “Cosmic Dance” is a strong release.

Mike Mineo

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  1. Just, Wow! I found myself being drawn into the song. The sonic textures really serve to embody the ideas and themes in the lyrics. It also seems like though there is beauty in the music there is some despair/existentialism in the idea inherent in the chorus. Some unresolved issues that stay with the listener and force them to think. Sounds like maybe a concept album could be next. Well done friend.

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