Dark Model – “Survivors”


If in the mood for exciting, electronic-tinged orchestral music, look no farther than Dark Model. The project of Hiroshima-born producer Tatsuya Oe, whose 20-year career has released several hundred tracks and remixes – in addition to being called “insane” by Fatboy Slim, Dark Model essentially shows its arsenal throughout the track “Survivors”. With a rhythm section entrenched in the electronic spectrum, soaring and anthemic strings and classical-inspired organ lines comprise the lead melodic force. The blare of brass around 02:20 signals a melodic shift, into mariachi-like territory — before reverting back into symphonic anthemic bliss around the three-minute mark. Never dull, “Survivors” and fellow recent release “Storm Goddess” (below) show Oe’s production-based power well. Eleven other tracks of this nature can be found on his new album, Saga.

Mike Mineo

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