Hearty Har – “Can’t Keep Waiting”

Los Angeles psych-rockers Hearty Har showcase their bouncy, passionate sound on “Can’t Keep Waiting”, a catchy effort with snarling guitars, chugging rhythm section, and excitable vocals. Guitarist/vocalist Shane Fogerty wrote and produce the track, and had this to say about it:

“Can’t Keep Waiting” is a song that abstractly describes a person stuck in purgatory, someone stuck running in circles with no clear direction. Although the subject is aware of being caught in limbo, they’re far too frustrated and thick-headed to realize doing the same thing over and over will always result in the same outcome. This person has become insecure and has lost any sort of pride or confidence he might have once had. He screams out at the vast emptiness and hears only the echoes of his own words, which loop back to him: “I can’t keep waiting for a sign, to bring me peace or mind, to bring me not to bind me, wrong me or rewind me!” He is losing his mind waiting for something to change, something to bring him from this endless and pointless loop. But he refuses to change himself! So he is stuck in this eternal cycle and he knows it, but he does nothing different to change it…. The song is partially inspired by my earlier experiences recording and producing music alone at our home studio and reflecting on the insanity that is mixing and remixing and doing hundreds of vocal takes for a song, only to listen the next day or week and decide to undo all the “progress” I had made. It’s about focusing way too intently on one aspect of something and damaging or losing sight of everything else. It is unhealthy, and there is no solution or way out of that loop. Luckily for me, I get to write about that struggle and this song represents a departure from that realm of thought.

The track was mastered by Brian Lucey (Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys, The Kills). The group is set to play live on March 28th at LA’s Bootleg Bar, and with a reputation for great live shows and off a hot single like “Can’t Keep Waiting”, it seems like a great show from Hearty Har is imminent.

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  1. I LOVE thee guys! I first knew them as Steam Train Mary way back on MySpace long ago! They disappeared, and somehow we found each other again on Facebook. They wanted their own sound, their own groove and Steam Train just wasn’t it. They had school to finish, life to live and they took a journey and wound up as Hearty Har with this killer psychedelic vibe that just picks you up and carries you away! I expect great things from them and you should too!

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