Posted March 16, 2017 by Mike Mineo in Hip-Hop

HundredMillionThousand – “Yalda”

HundredMillionThousand – the alias of Edmonton, Canada-based electronic producer Noel Jon – shows off a very exotic and hypnotic sound on new track “Yalda”. Connecting with his Persian roots, Jon utilizes Iranian vocalizing and a spiritual chant of sorts over trickling electronic effects throughout his upcoming album. Aiming to capture the cyclic nature of mental illness, HMT’s debut album lp1 is led off by this particular track, which sounds ancient and otherworldly in its darkly progressing assortment of dripping synths and dubstep-like percussive evolution. For heaps of exotic atmosphere and integrated hip-hop rhythmic appeal, keep an ear out for lp1, whose limited edition vinyl is out April 8th.

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