Posted March 2, 2017 by Mike Mineo in Electronic

Logwitch – “The 2nd Glance : Askew”

Logwitch is an interesting act based out of Edmonds, Washington, who spans numerous genres to find his own niche within EDM. His new album, Trail of the Contortionist, “melodically tells a Lovecraftian tale filled with ambiguity, lazy syncopation, and plenty of darkness.” One of its highlights, “The Second Glance : Askew”, sounds like something Guru-Guru from Majora’s Mask would create while on some really great hallucinogenics. There’s a bit of gypsy-folk and electronica here throughout, with glistening keys combining with choral vocal samples and glitchy EDM effects for a sound that sounds both nostalgic and forward-thinking.

The rest of the album traverses across a variety of genres and oddball inspirations just as well. Stream Trail of the Contortionist in full below:

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