Lusterlit – “Ceremony”

Lusterlit is an emerging duo comprised of Susan Hwang and Charlie Nieland, previously of the group Her Vanished Grace. They’re both part of Bushwick Book Club, “a rotating group of songwriters and performers of all kinds putting on regular shows featuring new music, art and snacks inspired by a chosen work of literature” — formed in Brooklyn by Hwang in 2009. Nieland joined the club in 2013 and they have put out several releases together since, including the recent track “Ceremony” under their Lusterlit name.

Inviting and nostalgic guitar jangle provides an exotic beginning, drawing the listener in with mystical-sounding vocals. Wonderful vocal performance throughout — highly riveting and engaging. The “Everyone came to dance” hooks finds a nice melodic transition, subtle in arrangement but monumental in setting the stage for future transitions. The electric guitar quivering at 01:56 adds another great effect — adding a chilling feeling to the mystical soundscape. The pitter-patter percussion is minimally invasive, allowing the vocals and guitar jangle to comprise the arsenal’s majority. Re-emergence of hook at 02:55 is welcome. The “ceremony” conclusion – with the creaking backing vocal addition – caps things off well, reminding fondly of Kate Bush.

Mike Mineo

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