Posted March 7, 2017 by Mike Mineo in Tracks

Nyre – ‘Say Hello’ EP

San Francisco psych-rockers Nyre craft an intoxicating sound throughout their new EP SAY HELLO, a 7-track collection of efforts that are often concise in length but bursting with ideas and melodic color. They range from the delicate guitar-heavy instrumental “Ribbon” to the bouncy and danceable “Dragonfly”, which reminds of a perked-up Washed Out / Tame Impala hybrid. Opener “If I Ever Go Along” is a nice way to kick things off, showcasing a fairly accessible form of standard psych-rock with phaser-friendly tones and a soaring hook. And as is always often the case in psych-rock, the group is no stranger to the Delay Pedal. From there, the stylistic adventure is promising, the catchy jangle-pop of “Tin” being another highlight. It’s difficult to choose which track in particular is best, as they all have their own personality; what’s clear is that it’s a well-worthwhile listen from Nyre, a group of longtime friends around the San Fran area whose potential is sky-high.

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