zenxienz – “On Fire”


Los Angeles IDM act zenxienz is the project of Hong Kong-born musician, producer, and songwriter Cameron Williamson. His stylistic direction pursues one reminiscent of Flying Lotus, where elements of psychedelia, hip-hop, and jazz converge for an atmospherically stirring and beautifully evolving sound. Williamson, a two-year finalist in the International Songwriting Competition and a Na Hoku Hanohano-nominated songwriter, shows these chops throughout his new track “On Fire”, off his new album Mind Sigh. The first minute finds the gradual construction of synthesized elements, loopy and warbled tones interchanging playfully and melodically over rollicking percussion. After some spacey frequencies, some wonderful psych-friendly keyboard work shows in the final one-third, reminiscent of Todd Rundgren’s more psych-friendly efforts, like on A Wizard, A True Star. With heaps of atmosphere and interesting melodic turns, “On Fire” shows Williamson as a gifted songwriter with a knack for engaging producer tendencies, as well.

Mike Mineo

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