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Impressing previously with the tracks “Bell Ringer” and “Be Here and Now” in 2014 and 2015, respectively, Gumshen’s eclectic reach continues on new track “Fallacy”. There’s no describing the Seattle-based project with a single genre or two, as past tracks have stretched everywhere from dark electronic-pop resembling Depeche Mode to psych-rock influenced by Pink Floyd. “Fallacy” sits comfortably in the vein of indie-rock, though with ample electronic presence in the buzzing backing synths in particular, which glides well alongside the twinkling keys.

The group has the following to say regarding “Fallacy”:

“The glowing lights on the lead singer’s chest represent a heart, the organ of the body that provides the engine that sustains life. The song was written about the arrival of death and the feeling fear and disappointment that one may not have become what they’d hope they would have — that we lie to ourselves that we are worth a damn and then the cold truth reveals that lie. The song was composed entirely by Ron Hippe and what he is trying to express in this music is to communicate a strong and real emotion of regret, defeat and reflection.

We don’t know who should be listening to this music other than people who can relate to the deep emotional chasms that we navigate. Anyone who thinks about the big questions unanswered in a human beings existence. Clearly it is not party music and apparently creepy (feedback from some younger audience), so I guess most people will be unimpressed especially party kids who would rather not be interrupted from their daily lives occupied by smartphones.

We have our own studio called DigiPhobe and we record all the sounds there. Then I mix it but for the upcoming CD release, the final 10% of mixing is being done in Michael Moscozzi’s studio, here in Seattle, to give it the most as professional sound as possible.

The guest drummer on this song is Greg Gilmore, who is well respected in Seattle music circles.

The video was recorded at the Market Theater in historic Pike Place Market. It is the location of Seattle’s longest running show called Theater Sports presented by Seattle’s leading improv comedy theatre Unexpected Productions. Dennis (our drummer) is playing in the video even though Greg played drums.”

The “we built a fallacy” hook is tightly constructed, serving as the central point to a track that emphasizes the group’s varied stylistic strengths well. Check out the track’s aforementioned video below:

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