LV Baby – “Super Powers” (feat. Pell)


LV Baby began making music and playing guitar during his high school years in Mississippi. He linked up with collaborator Black Bear when he moved to Atlanta. Since then, they have crafted multiple winning tracks together, even appearing on the show Broad City (in the excellent season two premiere) alongside Pell, who also appears on their excellent new track “Super Powers”. For the track “Super Powers” in particular, guitarist Black Bear and LV Baby teamed up with Pell to create the song in a moment of self-realization. “We see a bunch of super heroes on TV, but often fail to recognize the real life super heroes both in our communities and in ourselves,” LV Baby explains. “The single moms that balance work, school, motherhood, and every day adult issues. The kid in class who stands up to the bully despite the consequences. The people that decide to do the right thing regardless if it’s easy or inconvenient.”

“Super Powers” is an honest song for real people who try to make a real difference on a daily basis. The genre-bending hip-hop/indie-rock vibe sets the tone for something accessible but also idiosyncratic, with supremely smooth vocals and lush guitar stylings centering around a infectious hook – “cause I’m a superhero / I got super powers.” In an age where a lot of music is overly pushy, this is a track that wins on a laid-back feel, though one that captures an important lyrical sentiment in addition to a truly contagious melodic assortment. Easily engaging, it’s a surefire winner.

“Super Powers” will be on LV Baby & Black Bear’s collaborative project titled The Bear & The Baby.

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