Posted April 28, 2017 by Mike Mineo in Dream-Pop + Shoegaze

Wild Year – “Twitching + Teasing”

Los Angeles-based Wild Year craft nostalgic synth-pop, though new track “Twitching + Teasing” certainly showcases a more rock-leaning side where soaring vocals, shimmering guitars, and brisk percussion makes for an enticing sound after the wistful, nostalgic synth-pop intro. It’s a strong, infectious sound that’s produced by recent collaborator Robert Cifuentes (Billy Changer, Corners), where gliding guitars exist cohesively within Cole Morral’s captivating vocals and Hunter Gurney’s guitar leads. The hook at 01:25 – “don’t wanna be lonely tonight” – is a fantastic moment, melding together elements of alternative, shoegaze, and synth-pop into an extremely catchy mid-point that bridges together all the track’s components. A strong showing from this group, for sure.

Mike Mineo

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