Yellow House – “Blinding Sights (Left Me Cold in the Night)”

Yellow House finished off a strong 2016 with stunning track “Control“, with the project from Cape Town recalling producing a stunning soundscape with a bouncy funk-bass and psych-friendly guitars. He seems poised for an even bigger 2017, based on the first two tracks he’s put out. “It Feels The Same Everyday” is a soaring, atmospheric viber with clanging guitars and far-out production that reminds fondly of Panda Bear, though still existing in Emile van Dango’s own stylistic vein. Even newer, “Blinding Sights (Left Me Cold in the Night)” still traverses on the lush end, though it packs a more immediate soulful vibe with the enduring organ and suave vocal cues. “I’m feeling it all collapse right under my nose again,” he sings stylishly within the series of melodically empowering vocal soars. It’s a stunning melodic presentation and consuming atmosphere, traits that have become synonymous with the Yellow House project at this point.

Yellow House is the recording project of Cape Town based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Emile van Dango. After years of venturing through the various genres that flood the Cape Town music scene, Emile opted to dream up his own unique universe — as evident on these efforts, both off his new EP A Carnival of Fears, available here on iTunes.

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