Lydia Kitto – “Sweet Minds”


“Sweet Minds” is a fully engrossing, enticingly atmospheric stunner from Lydia Kitto, a 22-year-old multi-instrumentalist that appears imminent to rise quickly. She came onto the scene about a year ago with the well-received track “Run to You”, which showcased her sharp vocals and textural electronic approach. High-quality production was evident from the get-go, merging commercial polish with the nocturnal electronic soundscapes reminiscent of acts like Jessy Lanza. “Sweet Minds”, with its suave vocal delivery and slabs of melancholic synths, is her finest single yet. Effervescent synth tones come in-and-out during the confident central hook, which reminds nicely of Little Dragon. With heaps of atmosphere and hook-friendly moments (the instrumental bridge at 01:33 being one fine example), “Sweet Minds” is a great showing from Kitto, who is likely going to finish 2017 as one of the year’s more premiere finds.

Mike Mineo

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