Posted May 11, 2017 by Mike Mineo in Tracks

Rathbone – “Springtime Carousel”

New Orleans-based songwriter and producer Rathbone deBuys will be releasing his solo EP sometime this year. An experienced producer for many other acts, Rathbone shows an extreme talent for songwriting and vocal ability as well on new track “Springtime Carousel”. Just in time for the long-awaited season, the track starts with a minimalist crunching guitar, with an emphasis on the gorgeous vocal intertwining. The airy vocal presence will make Beach Boys fans happy, with the transition to more muscle-y rock around 01:43 being a well-executed and melodically charming transition. A hypnotic female vocal effect permeates the background, lending a psych-friendly feel to the lively and fluctuating arrangements. Full of both spaciously gorgeous moments and areas of rockin’ bliss, “Springtime Carousel” shows Rathbone’s versatility as a talented producer, songwriter, and vocalist.

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