Sunniva – “Untold”


A thickly reverberating rhythm section and airy vocals give “Untold” a weightless, psych-friendly quality to kick things off — drawing me in instantly. Various vocal layer additions around 00:50 make for an infectious result, with the loopy synth addition at 01:19 reminding me extremely fondly of Pulp, specifically the synth use in “Pink Glove”. This is an excellent and nostalgic moment, as are the sophisti-pop guitar stylings in the verses around 01:48. Sunniva – a rising act from Frederick, Maryland – show very impressive songwriting chops here, and on other tracks throughout their impressive range of demos:

Mike Mineo

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  1. Thank you good sir I play bass and help write with my brother for Sunniva, always great confidence and motivation booster to hear a well formulated review especially positive ones lol.

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