Trapanese – ‘Lil Tokyo’ EP


San Francisco-based Trapanese is a very promising producer who incorporates elements of Japanese soul and funk, adapted to hip-hop, in his melodically blissful beats. His new mixtape Lil Tokyo is a strong showing, particularly on tracks “Hey Bardi I Made A Song” and “Work A Lot”. The former is a soulful groover, with glistening keys and funk bass complementing a yearning croon. The hook, a brass-y flash to a Japanese soul sample, is very memorable, as is the main performance from Atlanta-based Dominique. “Work A Lot”, featuring Twon and ACSK, is another winner; soulful vocal samples are utilized wonderfully, alongside a light piano accompaniment and spot-on delivery — both in the exhilarating first section and atmospheric second bit, where phased female vocal samples lend a melodic addition.

Stream the rest of the mixtape below:

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