Tyler & Eye – “Sweetest Friend”


“Sweetest Friend” is a winning track that rides on a consuming ’70s groove with modern electronic flourishes. Stefan Ng formed the project out of his Boston dorm room, concocting a sound reminding of his brighter, more sunlight Southern California origins. Joined by Tyler, the duo released their Channels EP last year, and have put out two new singles – “Stay Here” and “Sweetest Friend” – so far this year. The latter, beginning with synth flourishes and a vintage guitar twang immediately reminiscent of War on Drugs, features ascending vocals that rise from suave nonchalance to an emotive croon past the two-minute mark, when the guitar twang picks up alongside a prancing synth/piano accompaniment. The fade to the next set of verses using synths, at around 02:40, into an infectious bridge is an instance that represents the project’s strong songwriting well. Full of atmosphere and a strong melodic presence, “Sweetest Friend” is a solid release from Tyler & Eye.

Mike Mineo

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