Wolf Rayet – “Combine”


Wolf Rayet are a duo from Stockholm, Sweden with a nocturnal pop sound, on stunning new track “Combine” showing this well in the captivating development. A faint synth murmur and minimal percussion starts things out, with a vocal intensity reminiscent of Dave Gahan. “Is this what you do? Runnin’ out of emotion,” the vocals sing during the gripping one-minute turn, followed by a fairly menacing blare of synths — in a tone fondly familiar to that of fellow Swedish atmosphere-builders The Knife. This repeats a second time, before the very pleasant entry of lush guitar twangs around the three-minute mark, meshing industrial electro-pop with a jangle-pop nonchalance. It makes for a stunning result, with “Combine” exemplifying the duo’s power well.

Check out Wolf Rayet’s Soundcloud for a few more tracks off their just-released debut EP.

Mike Mineo

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