RUFFO420 – “Pinnacle’s”


“Pinnacle’s” is a striking track from rising NYC-based hip-hop artist RUFFO420, whose flow is lush yet rhythmically precise over chilled-out beats and production from .phase. His delivery reminds of NYC natives Das Racist, though with a lyrical emphasis veering more toward reality than slick humor. “This track is me expressing my most inner feelings to this exact date, and my sheer relentless mentality to not failing through all negativity that surrounds me living in NYC,” he explains. “I am giving you my true self while also speaking to the general who shares my same every day mentality.” In its 02:32 span, “Pinnacle’s” has a slew of impressive lyrical turns and hypnotic beat allure. “When it comes to music, I guess just like Ja Rule, I really wonder what would I be without you,” he begins to end on a softer note, fading into the hypnotic night.

Mike Mineo

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