Bells and Robes – “Your Face”


“Your Face” is a vibrant, effervescent track from Bells and Robes, a duo from Atlanta. The sound is hypnotic with a funky backbone, like a fusion of Yellow Magic Orchestra and Hot Chip. Simple lyrics repeat effectively: “I saw your face. I had a peak experience to save I’m coming / I had my place. My mind melting right through time and space.” The result is a memorable, very impressive new release from Bells and Robes, who share more about the track’s background below:

The majority of “Your Face” came together in one afternoon and is the first track we’ve released that features our own vocals. After seeing a beautiful girl out at a show and then being in a great mood the next day, the track just flowed out. Was experimenting with some different breathing techniques at the time, and on that day got a particularly wonderful explosion of energy.

It’s a bit of a departure from our traditional sound. We did some beat-boxing and ran that through a guitar amp. Actually, singing on one of our tracks was also a big change. We were initially not planning on releasing it, but got some great feedback from friends and fellow producers and decided to let the world hear it.

The Bells and Robes name comes from a Zen Koan titled “Bells and Robes.” This parable tells readers that “to understand intimately one should see sound.” After forming their duo on the 2012 Summer Solstice, the two artists are aiming to continue their pursuit of music by exhibiting their eclectic sound throughout the Southeast and the nation.

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