Posted August 9, 2017 by Mike Mineo in Rock

Scotch Mist – “Big Red Button”

NYC-based Scotch Mist impressed mightily last October with the track “Daggers”, which showcased beautiful vintage-pop vocal harmonies, western-y guitar twangs, and a twinkling orchestral-like chamber-pop majestic quality toward the end. They were one of the more impressive finds of 2016, and on new track “Big Red Button” they continue their ascent. “I got my finger on the big red button,” the lush vocals sing over hazy guitar twangs and acoustical shuffles, heavily atmospheric — and especially so at 01:45, with the stunning bridge again showcases the group’s soaring vocal talents. An excellent follow-up after the equally impressive “Daggers”, “Big Red Button” is another success from Scotch Mist.

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