Posted August 4, 2017 by Mike Mineo in Pop

My Silent Bravery – “Got It Going On”

My Silent Bravery is the Boston-based project of Matthew Wade, whose new single “Got It Going On” is scaling the Hot Billboard Singles Charts (presently at #3). The first single from his forthcoming full-length Willing to Try, “Got It Going On” packs the obvious pop appeal in the lively guitar trickles and vibrant vocals (both the lead and backing exuberance) meshing with a funky bass line, which becomes prominent just past the 30-second mark. The hook – “got it goin’ on” – is straightforward, though the stellar production – particularly the funky rhythms and lively backing vocals – makes for an effort that stands out amidst blander pop efforts on the same charts.

Check the track’s fairly NSFW music video below:

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