Kirch – “Sweet Sunshine”


An Ohio native who’s presently writing music out of Nashville, Kirch is an artist who – in his own words – enjoys “synth solos, planets, and smiling faces – in that order.” The former is noticeable rather early on new psych-pop track “Sweet Sunshine”, a psychedelic viber that unveils Kirch’s vocals a bit over a minute in, his space-y nonchalance meshing beautifully with the buzzing distortion and ethereal backing synth pad. The soaring hook at the two-minute mark injects some extra vocal emotion – “sweet sunshine” – into the synth-adorned arrangements. Full of atmosphere and captivating songwriting, “Sweet Sunshine” is a stellar track release from Kirch.

Mike Mineo

I'm the founder/editor of Obscure Sound, which was formed in 2006. Previously, I wrote for PopMatters and Stylus Magazine.

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  1. I have always enjoyed alternative music. In high school I envisioned techno music and synthesizers becoming the norm of the future. I enjoy the creative imiganation it takes to step outside the norm. Keep up the good work Kyle.

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