Posted September 28, 2017 by Mike Mineo in Pop

Maple & Beech – “Sand Sing”

Maple & Beech, the duo of Tyler Tholl and Pete James Johnson, were featured this past February with the excellent “Cavers” — a memorable track with an Afro-pop-y tone, with blaring brass-like resonance combining with a tropical melody. The Minnesota duo released their first full-length album, RUNDAWDAW, this past April, showcasing “a collection of synth-y, strange pop filled with horns, strings, and lots of drums and noise.”

Maple & Beech’s latest single, “Sand Sing,” was released this week. Several of the strengths showcased on “Cavers” make a return, notably the the vibrantly soaring rhythms, with an Afro-pop mystique, and cohesive evolution — culminating in a stomping, brass-laden hook around the one-minute mark as the track kicks into full gear. With vibes reminiscent of Peter Gabriel, Paul Simon, and Vampire Weekend, “Sand Sing” has wide appeal.

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