Premiere: Miles Dismond – “All to Myself”


We’re happy to premiere the atmospheric, enthralling new track from Miles Dismond. The jazz-laden psych-pop gem “All to Myself” rides smoothly on a thick bass line, hazy vocals, slick guitar lines, and a blissful feeling of perpetual nonchalance. It’s an impressive release from the Berkeley, California-based artist, who previously impressed with “She Doesn’t Care At All” in May.

“I started working on this project in April,” Miles explains. “I recorded everything at home and did all the mixing and mastering as well. I like the freedom it gives me in the creative process. This project came together a little while after I had a change in heart with regard to what I wanted my music to sound like. I really wanted to make softer, groovier music—music that you could listen to at full volume if you wanted to.”

“With “All to Myself”, I really wanted to take some themes from jazz and incorporate them into some version of pop music. This song came together in a really interesting, kind of circular way; I had an initial chord progression and then came up with a vocal melody for it, but then found the song didn’t have the feeling that I wanted, so I changed the chords which then made me want to tweak the melody a bit. This process went on for a while. I’m happy with what I ended up with though.”

Mike Mineo

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