Shoffy – “Fake Friends” (feat. Sidizen King)


Having featured both Shoffy and Sidizen King in the past, it makes sense that “Fake Friends” hooked me quickly. The collaboration from the two Los Angeles-based artists is a smooth, melodic blend of hip-hop and electronic-pop, featuring a typically killer Sidizen King delivery and a smooth hook courtesy of Shoffy. “I produced this one, and immediately thought Sidizen King would be dope over it,” Shoffy explains. “I first came across his “Don’t Let Me Down” remix, and thought he had a really cool approach combining hip-hop elements with electronic/dance vibes.”

“As far as production goes, I personally feel like this is one of my stronger beats, so I’m just excited to share it. I had a good time diving into the hip-hop side of things, which I don’t do a ton of. On the lyrics and message – the song is about getting out of unhealthy friendships. There is a lot of superficiality, especially in Los Angeles, so just being aware of that when building new relationships is important.”

The track comes via Shoffy’s self-titled album, which just dropped today as well. Stream it in full below:

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