GEO – “Better” (feat. Gabriela Francesca, Rex Mac)


Colorful and melodic, “Better” is the third single from LA-based indie R&B/hip-hop producer GEO. Featuring the sugary-sweet vocals of Gabriela Francesca and a lush hip-hop addition from Boston-based rapper Rex Mac, “Better” rides on glistening keys initially, expanding into a hip-hop-laden rhythmic accompaniment alongside the welcome emergence of Francesca’s vocals just past the 30-second mark. GEO’s production is faultless; woodwinds flow organically amidst the trickling keys and catchy percussion, as both vocal deliveries shine. This is a very stellar, beautifully melodic tribute to unconditional love.

In GEO’s own words, more of the track’s creative background is below:

“Better” was created in my girlfriend’s bedroom on a tiny desk and on some not-so-ideal speakers. After getting denied last minute on a few apartment applications, I moved some of my studio setup into her 1 bed apartment while the rest of my things were in storage. This time in my life was host to many a Los Angeles Cliche including parking tickets, financial upset, and the struggle of finding an apartment. Because of this low-point, I felt an extraordinary amount of guilt in feeling like I couldn’t be the person I wanted to be in my relationship, “Better” is a response to that feeling. This song is very special to me due to the fact that my featured artist, Gabriela Francesca, is my girlfriend, making it a bit of a tear jerker for me. Rex Mac is a Boston based rapper who grew up in my hometown, making his verse even more close to home for me. “Better” is a reminder that no matter what you are going through, your significant other will love you through it; this is a tribute to unconditional love _byGEO.

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