Grand Pine – “Fail Me”


“Fail Me” is the striking debut single from Grand Pine, a project formed by Melbourne singer/songwriter Guy Perkins, who performed for years as a solo writer before joining longtime friends Mike Ridley (keyboard, vocals) and Chitra Ridwan (guitar, vocals) in this project. The group has already won over fans with praised performances at the Queenscliff Music Festival, Anglesea Music Festival, and Festival of Sails.

The release of their debut single “Fail Me” should continue that momentum. Its first two minutes are comprised of a gentle, creaky folk-laden vein of rock with subdued, melancholic vocals. It’s the bursting shift thereafter, with the emergence of soaring strings and uplifting melodies, that makes for a wholly memorable moment. The track concludes with an affirming, majestic beauty that solidifies Grand Pine as a new act fast on the rise.

Mike Mineo

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