Posted October 3, 2017 by Mike Mineo in Electronic

Patrick Grant – “Lucid Intervals”

Patrick Grant sits in his own stylistic niche. The NYC-based composer fuses together classical, popular, and world music for a sound that would fit well in film or a unique art exhibit. Really, his approach reminds me of World’s End Girlfriend, who crafts unsettling though moving compositions with lively orchestral flourishes and an occasional horror-movie edge. Such is apparent on Grant’s new track “Lucid Intervals”, where a relatively ominous keyboard melody prances alongside brisk strings that rise in intensity throughout.

Grant, a Detroit native living in NYC, has also worked on the production team for composer John Cage and produced his first recordings at Philip Glass’ studios — two more names that certainly come to mind when thinking of effective, idiosyncratic orchestral stirrings like this.

Stream the rest of A Sequence of Waves (twelve stories and a dream) below:

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